Google I/O roundup – Keynote tidbits

Google’s annual Google I/O developer conference is still going on but all of the big announcements have already taken place. The company had quite a few revelations to make, including some surprises. Here are what we consider some of the most important bits from the conference. AI takes centre stage If the Google I/O conference […]

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Google I/O: five things we care about: Android Pay

In the last of our five-part series about Google I/O, we’ll take a quick look at Android Pay, Google’s attempt at mobile payments. The company unveiled the Android Pay app, which replaces Google Wallet, in a bid to power tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices at retail stores and within apps. Google Wallet however isn’t quite […]

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Google I/O: five things we care about: Project Ara

In part four of our Google I/O series, we mull over another of the interesting developments that Google covered at its developer conference in May. We’ve already covered Android M, virtual reality and wearables,  but this time we’ll take a quick look at something that many people will find more interesting – the Project Ara modular smartphone. […]

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Google I/O – five things we care about: wearables

The Google I/O developer conference is now but a distant memory, but the search giant provided some insights into its plans for the year ahead and discussed how its various products are being improved. Android M, the next version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system, was one of the highlights (you can read more about […]

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Google I/O – five things we care about: virtual reality

At the recent Google I/O conference, as expected the search giant showed off the next version of Android, Android M, which is expected to arrive sometime in the autumn. But amongst other things, the company also focused on virtual reality (VR) viewers (Google Cardboard) and a new 360 degree camera rig for filmmakers in collaboration with action […]

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Google I/O – five things we care about, part 1

At the recent Google I/O developer conference, Google focused a lot of its time on talking about optimising Android, which is a fairly large undertaking. Making Android work more smoothly and conveniently is something that we care a lot about at Mobile Industry Review, and it’s interesting to see what Google will finally reveal in “Android M” […]