Update on the WiFi/IP camera post for monitoring an elderly relative

Thank you to those who commented on my post last week (“Can you recommend a good IP/Web camera for monitoring an infirm pensioner?“). After a good amount of additional research I actually ended up going for a UCAM247 product. This is the one I eventually purchased to try out: Readers helpfully recommended looking at the […]


What powerline/homeplug adapters do you use for WiFi at home?

I’ve got another question for you, dear reader. Do you have problems with the WiFi in your place of residence? If so, do you use the powerline/homeplug adapters to serve you WiFi via your electricity connection? We seem to have an array of dampening fields all around our house so I’ve got three different WiFi networks […]

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Facebook Home: Flipping brilliant; but my friends are rubbish!

I’ve been rather silent of late. I never want to actually force myself to write here on Mobile Industry Review. It’s far too easy to get stuck into the churnalism world of cutting and pasting press releases to make yourself feel like you’re doing the right thing. When I feel like I’ve nothing to write, […]


Home Routing, it’s all about trust

If you’re into SMS in a big way, then you’ll have a view on Home Routing. It’s either a piece of brilliance or a total unmitigated disaster. (You can check out recent MIR coverage on the term here). Adam Bird, top chap at Esendex, went to a lunch recently with a cross section of the […]


T-Mobile launches $10 @Home

After a number of trials, T-Mobile has finally properly unveiled its home phone service. From next week, all of those T-Mobile users who really can’t bear to part with their home phone can sign up for the @Homer service, which promises unlimited nationwide long-distance calling (and other features like voicemail and call forwarding) for $10 […]