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Rob Grimshaw – How the FT stepped out of iTunes

This is Momchil with a video of Rob Grimshaw, MD of the, The Financial Times The world outside the App Store is the browser. HTML5 is a long-term strategy for mobile. A word from the man who had to “roll the dice” and decide whether the FT will be available on the App Store […]

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HTML5: is it consumer-ready yet?

It’s all very well being at the bleeding edge, but I have to say when the FT iPad HTML5 web app insisted I dick about with clearing cache settings and restarting my device to complete install, I did do a double-take. By all means request this of me (a consummate mobile technology geek) but I […]


Enable your site to serve HTML5 video to iPhone, iPad & beyond

If you’d like to enable your site to serve HTML5 videos to the growing legions of users with super-fancy devices such as the iPad, iPhone and so on, then I very much recommend checking out the Longtail Video site’s HTML5 Beta Player. It not only delivers a lovely HTML5 experience, but it also falls back […]


MIR and Mobile Developer TV are now HTML5 compliant

Mobile Industry Review and Mobile Developer TV are both HTML5 compliant, meaning from now on, you’ll be able to watch any videos we publish on your iPad or iPhone — or any other smartphone with built-in HTML5 video tag support. Genius, eh? It’s all thanks to the new beta HTML5 player from the chaps over […]