140 million iOS users are sending 1 billion iMessages every day

I wanted to document this one from yesterday’s WWDC keynote. I’ve been looking out for some statistics from Apple about the adoption of iMessage. 140 million iMessage users is a highly impressive number in itself, given the platform only launched last year. (Interestingly, RIM’s BBM site reports over 50 million BBM users who send 100 […]


There are 3 folk on my train iMessaging right now

I’m on the train on the way into Richmond. It’s busy an I’m surrounded by people using iPhone 4 or 4S devices. These are normal people. Not geeks. On lady looks to be in her early 20s, another chap looks about 30 and the other guy must be late 40s. Each of them have been […]

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New Year: Did you experience iMessage fail? Our reader in HK did!

Have a read of this quick report from reader Jay in Hong Kong. One of his friends Dan posted this note on a social media group: It’s the first new year’s eve since the launch of iMessage. Will Apple’s servers hold up? Can they teach the MNOs a thing or two about scaling? History suggests […]


Why Apple’s iMessage is set to kill the SMS industry stone dead

Ok, I admit it: That headline was for effect. I know Tomi Ahonen (“Mr SMS”) would have a heart attack if he thought I was serious. I do however know a lot of people in the SMS marketplace who are rather concerned by the assumption by many (especially those in Silicon Valley) that SMS is […]


The Truth About iMessage in iOS 5: It’s Sublime

For years, I’ve been told about how cool BBM is on the BlackBerry. BlackBerry users tried to tell me why it was so cool, but they never succeeded. It always ended with a “You have to use it yourself, and then you’d understand.” I knew the details about how BBM worked, but I didn’t understand. […]