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Our first look at the Sonim XP3 waterproof phone

We're big fans of the Sonim series of toughened handsets. The last one I had, the XP1, I took up a mountain overlooking...

LG Mobile Developer Network: Look how complicated this is!

Yup, you read that right. YES there is an LG Mobile Developer Network. Finally. Excellent. Unfortunately it is stuck in the year 1997. Yes indeed!...

Having a look at the (woeful) Samsung Omnia

Our resident new student, Dan Pullen, has been having a look at the Samsung Omnia. Having obtained one, what does he reckon? Let's...

First look at Android from the launch

Our man Mark is there, hands-on, playing with the T-Mobile G1... http://qik.com/swfs/qik_player.swf

Look at how screwed up the telecoms industry is

Here, then, is a good example of how screwed up the telecoms industry is, here in the UK. I got a note through from...

You’ve seen the iPhone, now take a look at the competition

I found this ad on the Orange.co.uk site: It made me smile a little. The Bold certainly gives the iPhone a run for it's money in...

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