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If an operator is charging users for Facebook roaming, should they pay a license fee?

This post ties rather neatly in with my previous one (Would you pay €2 to use Facebook on the beach?) regarding roaming. Now then, what happens if operators were to deploy these rather innovative plans such as the one mentioned above? It’s a topic I’ve been exploring whilst I’ve been on-site at MACH Insights 2011. […]

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Would you pay €2 to use Facebook on the beach?

So here’s a question for you. I’d like you to have a wee look at this video and see what you think of the concepts demonstrated. I came across it in the ‘Demo Lab’ area at MACH Insights 2011. It’s showing off a MACH product by the name of the Data Roaming Engine which enables […]


Hello from MACH Insights 2011: The issue of the moment — Roaming

Hello from Berlin. That’s right! I’ve been traversing the Globe. On Friday I was in San Diego with Qualcomm and on Sunday I arrived into Berlin for the MACH Insights 2011 event for a fascinating look at the world of mobile roaming and billing. Roaming is, as regular readers know, a subject close to my […]