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Uplinq: Dvir Reznik – Bizzabo helps establish eye contact, shake hands and meet face-to-face

Momchil here with a demo of Bizzabo, helping out at conferences to communicate with the right people. Dvir Reznik of Bizzabo demonstrates the system helping you find the right people to talk to at a conference, learn more about them and finally establish face-to-face contact. We believe in eye-contact, handshakes and face-to-face meetings. Here is […]


Meeting with the INQ chaps

I just sat down and did an interview with the INQ chaps. I pointed the camera at them and left it, this time, rather than sticking it in their faces all the time. They made some smart points especially regarding the total lack of decent support from other handset vendors – requiring INQ to take […]


Meeting Simon Ainslie of Nokia UK

After a busy day at the Symbian Smartphone Show we dashed across London to the Nokia Comes With Music launch party. (In fact I almost bought one of their handsets today when I was passing a Carphone Warehouse on the way to Earls Court). There was a predictable riot of good looking young things queuing […]