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What’s Your Favourite Mobile, EVER?

A thought for the weekend, and considering this horrendous weather, a thought that might take you back a few years! I’m asking, what has been your favourite mobile phone, you have owned, ever! I’ll start with mine. Now for me, this is an incredibly tough choice, it’s between the Nokia 3310, and the Nokia 3200! […]


Samsung smartphones get faster memory

Samsung smartphones have been given a bit of a speed boost thanks to a new bit of software the handset giant’s developed. The software will make any handsets using its own proprietary embedded flash memories, OneNAND, Flex-OneNAND and moviNAND, complete the sort of multimedia-heavy actions devices do regularly – like booting, downloading and searching – […]


Have trouble Reqalling your memory?

Sorry, excuse the pun; but today I bring you Reqall. A mobile service which ensures you never forget a thing, and recalls for those absurd occasions where you remember something really important. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now, and I’m genuinely happy and surprised by the service. The idea is that […]