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News: Samsung’s KNOX is rated the strongest mobile security platform

  The security of our mobile devices has never been so important. As highlighted in the recent spat between the FBI and Apple over access to an iPhone used by the San Bernadino terrorists, security and encryption is at the heart of our relationship with personal data and has implications for everyday consumers as well as law […]

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Smartphone security – what’s the risk?

Every week there are countless stories about smartphone security breaches, mobile malware and cloud services that have been hacked or compromised in some way. We all use our smartphones to store personal and sensitive information – emails, messages, pictures, bank account details, password lists and more – that you really wouldn’t want to fall into the […]

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NetQin’s got a new Co-CEO and a completely new brand: NQ Mobile

Congratulations to Omar Khan on joining NetQin. Omar was formerly the Chief Product and Technology Officer of Samsung Mobile so that’s a rather smart hire for the NetQin team that will give them even more clout. This news comes hot on the heels of their appointment of the mobile industry superstar, Geoff Casely as their […]