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Apple’s getting the Nokia treatment and doesn’t like it

Stop all the clocks! Have you read what Mr Apple himself has published about Apple? John Gruber has published a decent set of rebuttals relating to the Samsung launch last week. All well and good. This is to be expected and it’s perfectly good analysis provided you recognise that he’s a super-Apple-fan. The last paragraph […]

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More Lumia advertising boards springing up

Here’s another massive boarding I saw advertising Nokia’s Lumia range — which should shortly will be boasting some additional handsets. The marketing team are obviously building awareness ahead of the expected launch next week. I’m rather excited to see what they bring to market. The existing Lumia devices are good — I’d like to see […]

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Smart Lumia advertising from Nokia

Came across this at Feltham Station this morning. This is really nice sharp messaging from Nokia. I like it. I expect to see a little more from Nokia in the coming weeks given their upcoming handset launch(es). Bring it on.

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It’s way too early to judge Nokia’s performance

Just over a year ago, Nokia was doomed. I think people are forgetting this. Let’s remember just how bad it was: The management was broadly clueless. Many of the company’s most talented employees could see the problems facing the company but were powerless to do anything about it. The market had been rightly hammering Nokia […]

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