Nokia World: The gossip, the joy, the heartache

Alas I am not at Nokia World. Commitments here in the UK prevented it. A total arse. Thank you to the chaps at Nokia — Ray in particular — for their understanding and flexibility. Instead, we’ve sent our roving reporter, RobK, to Barcelona, courtesy of Nokia. Rob’s planning some mini-summaries, overviews and, of course, a […]

It takes it out of you

Doing that amount of blogging, geez, it really takes it out of you. There’s a lot going on and a lot still to publish. I’m just taking a break at the moment 😉

Devices News

Is the Nokia Communicator form factor outmoded?

Link: Nokia World Blog In a Q&A session with OPK (check out Stephen’s earlier post if you’re not hip to that TLA), the unsurpressable Ewan MacLeod of SMS Text News brought some much-needed levity when he asked the Nokia CEO what his first handset was (a five-kilo monster in 1984 that stretched the limits of […]

Free N93s for everyone ;-)

Somewhere about 4am last night I woke from a dream feeling distinctly uncomfortable. I had thought that I was really late for the start of the conference today and had visions of arriving to find out that the huge pile of 2,000 free Nokia N93s had all gone. The good news was that I saw […]


Telcogames’s ‘SIL’ celebrates Best Mobile Game award @ Nokia

Link: webitpr | SIL Wins Nokia’s Best Mobile Game Award Telcogames, a global publisher, developer and distributor of mobile games, last night scooped the award for Best Mobile Game in the 2006 Forum Nokia PRO Awards. SIL the latest puzzle game to be launched and developed by Telcogames is a 3D silhouette matching puzzle game […]

Darla live on the Nokia cinema wall

Just saw Darla Mack, international mobile diva, on the summary video that Cliff played at the end of his wicked presentation. Hi Darla! She was in the movie talking about the Nokia New York launch. Cool!


Cliff Crosbie, Dir. Retail Marketing, Nokia

I’m sat in Cliff’s presentation — focusing around the Nokia stores and the Nokia brand – fascinating. He talked briefly about the new flagship stores in Russia, Chicago, New York — Rafe mentioned there’s a London one coming. Funnily enough the Nokia Lakeside Thurrock store wasn’t mentioned 😉 He talked about the experience, the brand […]

Mobizines and ROK

I caught John from Mobizines and Stuart of ROK in the Expo earlier. Will write more on that shortly.


Q&A with Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia CEO

I’m sat in the Q&A with the Nokia CEO. He’s a really intelligent chap. You know what, I couldn’t have identified him from a line-up an hour ago. He comes across very well. There was an opportunity to ask him questions — some of them were getting a bit heavy, so I decided to lighten […]

KUDOS to Alex of the Irish Independent

I’m sat in the Nokia World Q&A and Kari Tuutti is busy introducing the Media Q&A. I turned round to ask the people behind me what they thought of my new SMS Text News business cards. Alex of the Irish Independent was kind enough to rate my card — I asked him if he could […]

Hi to Mahmood Ul-Hassan and Adam Birchall, both of Nokia

I got a cab to the RAI Conference Centre this morning with Mahmood Ul-Hassan (Account Director, Software Platform Sales, Nokia) and Adam Birchall (Senior Manager, Technology CMO, Nokia). Friendly chaps. They were accompanied by an unidentified executive from a UK mobile operator (I said I’d keep him anonymous!).


Windows Mobile frustrations

Chap to the bottom right of me. He’s been sat trying to get his Windows Mobile device connected to the wireless LAN here for about 45 minutes — even longer than the poor lady with her Windows laptop one seat along. His phone has been making little chirrips and chippy sounding noises. Looks like a […]