My Amazon Christmas: I LOVED it!

This Christmas was an usual one. It wasn’t traditional in any sense because we moved house on the 15th of December. We didn’t have the familiar build up that even with a new young family I’m accustomed to. Like many families I know, we’ve got to the point whereby we don’t bother with gifts between […]

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Anton Gething – nToklo is passionate about data existing in online retail

Momchil here with a video of Anton Gething, Co-founder and Product Director of nToklo. nToklo develops a platform that works with online retail and digital media services companies to Help them enhance and leverage their social capital. Here is the video:

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Uplinq: Steve Perlman of OnLive shows off full-motion gaming on HTC Flyer tablet

Do take a few minutes to have a look at this rather fantastic offering from OnLive. Steve Perlman, CEO of the company, was invited on to the Uplinq stage by HTC’s Peter Chou to showcase what they’re doing with the all new HTC Flyer tablet. Essentially you’ll be able to experience phenomenal full-motion, fully-size, full-experience […]


Minority Report-style online mobile shopping from 3 Sweden

Can you imagine shopping for your phone like this? Play the video and see what you think. For a long, long time I’ve maintained that this kind of online concierge is required by mobile retailers. 3 from B-Reel & B-Reel Films on Vimeo.

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MyHomeContents: One of my new projects

A year ago my friend’s mother had a really bad day. She got home from work one day to find the whole family house turned upside down. They’d been burgled. The burglars had been rather smart too. They managed to find and expertly extract all the valuables — from watches to televisions to PlayStations. The […]

Services – online media storage for torrents, audio, docs, videos & images

Reader Kirk dropped me a note today about, a new online storage service that, as the site explains, fetches media files and lets you stream them immediately. You can use it to stream video, listen to your music and share your library with friends. It’s an interesting take on the online storage conundrum that […]

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Vodafone Shop: You can’t change your price plan here. Call 191.

Well then. What a total waste of time that was


Vodafone’s dismal online billing service needs an upgrade

It’s problem Monday. A moment ago it was iTunes DRM annoying the hell out of me, and this morning it’s mobile operator front-end billing platforms. You know the kind I mean — the ones held together by sticky-tape and a lot of panicking by teams at Accenture, Detica or whoever it is that’s actually running […]

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Mobile Social Networks: What’s their future?

I’ll admit it; I’m one of those weird people who click that box that enables websites to send out lots of pointless newsletters. I live in the hope one day they’ll serve a purpose or value – like the Woolworths ones did (once upon a time) – and of course updates on other websites and […]


Ready To SMS launches Australian online text marketing service

A note arrived in from reader David Bleja, to tell us about the new service he’s working on. If you’re in Australia (and we do have a big Australian contingent reading) do talk to David. – – – — I am the web designer for We have launched our website recently, and thought you […]


SPB Software brings Online Games to WinMo Platform

SPB Software, one of the leading development houses for Windows Mobile applications and games have just recently announced a suite of online games and are calling them ‘Sp Online Games’. Currently, the house is offering four instant online games along with a chat service. Using this service, one can play the games in realtime with […]


My monthly question: How shit is T-Mobile UK’s online billing system?

Here we go again. Broken record time. 1145pm and I have just remembered about my T-Mobile account. The other one. The poor black sheep account. The one that’s ALWAYS broken and that won’t ever go on direct debit. Because there’s always a few pence balance. Or T-Mobile’s SHITE system won’t take my credit card or […]