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Could Europe’s mobile operators please just give up and become one big operator?

Here’s a portion of Matt’s story from The Next Web: Despite owning large shares of independent markets across Europe, the continent’s major operators have reportedly entered talks with the view to creating an EU-wide mobile network capable of uniting national markets, the FT reports. According to the newspaper, telecoms executives from Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, […]

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Operator app stores hit the rocks: 3 close this month

Operator app stores had been trumpeted – by the operators at least – as a way for them to maintain a stake in the valuable business of selling users ‘value add’ services. Petrified (or indignant, occasionally) at the predictions they were to become just ‘dumb pipes’ additional revenue streams were urgently sought. In 2012 several operators realised […]

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UK operator 3 tried to flog me some stuff today

“Hello, is that Eeee-wan Mak-Lee-od?” said a voice from rather far away. It felt like a call from India. “Yes it is,” I answered. “Hello I’m calling from Three, your mobile service provider,” continued the chap. “Good afternoon,” I replied. I listened to the offer. “We’d like to offer you a discounted rate on anything […]

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Creating loyalty is difficult: A fascinating read for operators wondering why it’s all going wrong

Two of IBM’s top telecoms chaps have put together a terrific piece published on Telecom Asia exploring the issue of mobile operator customer loyalty. I strongly recommend anyone working at a mobile operator takes the time to read through it. On the back of IBM’s rather exhaustive telecoms consumer survey, they’ve outlined some rather direct […]

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Episode 10 of the Emporia Telecom video series: Upcoming service features

In episode 10 of the Emporia Telecom video series, we meet the company’s Director of Services & Innovation, Michael Rabenstein. Before we filmed this episode, I was talking to Michael about Emporia’s philosophy of handset services — navigation, for example. Michael explained that although there is certainly a use-case for navigation (e.g. Tom-Tom style sat-nav […]

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Operator Innovation: Let me access my SMS everywhere?

Hello dear reader, it’s me again with another Operator Innovation post. The series has been terrifically well received — thank you once more to all the executives from around the industry who’ve complemented us. And hello to the chaps from o2 Innovation who, almost every week, point out that they’re working on something very similar. […]

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Operator Innovation: One number for all my voice calls

It’s time once again for the Operator Innovation post. I’m delighted to report that the series has been gaining substantial attention from a host of senior mobile industry executives. To these executives, let me say this: 1. I love you all. In a proper manly way. Without your continued efforts and those of the industry, […]

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