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Vodafone announce Pre-Pay Deal!

Vodafone have announced their first pre-pay deal in over two years. Luckily for us pre-pay consumers out there, it sounds like a bloody good offer too. For just ten pounds per month, users will be entitled to unlimited free evening and weekend texts. Obviously this will be in-accordance to a Fair Use Policy of some […]

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Very very verwaayen dun gud

Ben Verwaayen’s done good, hasn’t he?� Chairman of Alcatel-Lucent?� Right on.� He’s come along way since I saw him speak at BT Centre YEARS ago about how well BT was doing with broadband.� I almost stormed the stage yelling, ‘But I get 20k/sec throughput? You call this broadband.’ Anyway.� Did you catch the news via […]

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Mobile Shop staff… You amuse me!

No seriously! Despite how rubbish you can be (note, not all are that rubbish), you have this ability to make me laugh, even when it’s not funny! You see, on Wednesday I took a trip down to my local high street, a busy one at that; in all I would hazard a guess that there […]

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Use your iPhone for home security.

I was just browsing around the internet looking for something to do with the iPhone. I’ll admit, for the most part I wasn’t impressed until I came across Mobiscope. I’m not a security conscious person, and nor am I one to want to set up a webcam with it’s own I.P address so I can […]

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Results Day and my Mobile Phone!

Tomorrow, it’s GCSE results day. This means two things – feeling extremely sick, and using my mobile phone a lot! I haven’t really thought about the communications side of tomorrow much, seeing as I’m more worried about everything else. However, as Ewan pointed out to me tomorrow morning I will spending more time than I […]

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Is there anywhere that Mobiles don’t belong?

This is a thought that I’ve been pondering over for some time; mobiles have taken over our lives, almost to the point of invasion. We use and take them everywhere we go, and many of us rarely turn our beloved handsets off. So is there a time and place for mobiles? Well I think there […]

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Mobiles for the old and baffled.

My Mum has been bugging me to write this for ages. She’s a “normob”, at the lowest level; she’s had her current mobile for around seven months now, and she still doesn’t know half of the features available to her. She can’t navigate too well, and she finds anything with buttons highly confusing (she can’t […]

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Siemens – “too German”

Without resorting to obvious stereotypes, this is not about Siemens executives always putting their towels on the sun chairs by the pool first thing in the morning, or about them being ruthlessly efficient in penalty shoot-outs. Instead, it is a comment from Peter Löscher, the head of Siemens (and himself an Austrian), about the company […]

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Helen Keegan’s in today’s Times

Fellow mobile blogger, Helen Keegan, made the London Times today: Link: An essential piece of kit – Times Online “Lots of people are working out ways of using Bluetooth or social networking or GPS to do these things,” says Helen Keegan, managing director of Beepmarketing and a mobile marketing blogger (http://www.technokitten.blogspot.com). “People are already working […]

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