One reason why Symbian (and DeFi Mobile) is totally screwed at the moment

“Try out DeFi Mobile,” recommends our very own Jonathan Jensen. It sorts out the automatic logging-in to wifi hotspots on your Nokia, amongst other things. “Right, I’ll give it a go,” I say. I flick up Google on the N95 8GB. I type in ‘DeFi Mobile’. And I’m downlaoding a sodding full size full screen […]


Another reason not to buy a RAZR

As observed by Dan, The Register reports a bug in the Motorola RAZR: A bug in Motorola’s RAZR firmware could allow a malformed JPG file sent over MMS to overflow the stack, theoretically making it able to execute arbitrary code. … and do what, precisely? 😉 So you can execute arbitrary code and, I dunno, […]