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Would anyone like to rent my LG G3 for a month?

I think I should check out the new Nokia Lumia 930. It’s been a while since I gave Windows Phone some decent usage attention. I need to use the 930 for at least a month. So I’ve got to buy another phone. Yet again. I therefore don’t need the LG G3. Not at the moment, […]

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Rent an iPad in Spain for €25/day (including data)

This is an excellent find from Dusan over at Intomobile: A company called PadInTheCity is running a neat business, renting 3G iPads to interested tourists in Madrid, Spain to help them get around the city. Each iPad comes preloaded with a number of applications and unlimited data — all for 25 EUR per day. That’s […]


Americans: Rent a Nokia N96 for $36/month

Rentobile is genius. I’ve been thinking of starting something like this for a while in the UK. But for Americans, stuffed by the (somewhat) rubbish mobile carriers in the States not carrying Nokia or any other decent European devices, this is a boon. Rentobile carries a large range of different devices — some locked to […]