School buses now come with free WiFi

These Icomera folks, the WiFi-in-public-transport chaps, are doing rather well. Fresh from sticking WiFi on buses all over the place, they’ve now done a deal with The Green Bus company. The Green Bus company are, as the press release states, ‘the emerging market leader in school transport thinking in the UK’. Clearly. If they’re putting […]

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Youth: Text in Knife Crime Concerns

So I’m back to school this week; and during my free lessons, I often find myself aimlessly wandering around. I probably shouldn’t be, as I have mountains of work to do, but it’s certainly more fun. But it turns out my aimless journeys around my over-crowded school can come in handy… And I came across […]


Ottumwa parents get text messaging. You know Ottumwa, right?

If you live in the Outtumwa school district — you know Ottumwa — down Iowa way? Well, you’re lucky. You can sign up to get updates from your child’s school by text. So reports one of those amusingly-named American television stations (“KTVO”). The Ottumwa School District believes that parents will be better informed of cancellations, […]

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Results Day and my Mobile Phone!

Tomorrow, it’s GCSE results day. This means two things – feeling extremely sick, and using my mobile phone a lot! I haven’t really thought about the communications side of tomorrow much, seeing as I’m more worried about everything else. However, as Ewan pointed out to me tomorrow morning I will spending more time than I […]