Got any suggestions for some DaaS/VDI providers?

I’m going to try virtualising my Windows desktop. I want it to run in the cloud — fast — and I want to access it wherever I am on the planet. I want my desktop to persist, though, when I’m not online. And I don’t want to mess about hosting it and then having to […]


Q&A with Glenda Dorchak, Vice Chairman & CEO of VirtualLogix

You’ll have come across the term ‘mobile virtualization‘ I’m sure — but what does it mean and why’s there a business therein? Well, I had a chat with Glenda Dorchak, CEO of VirtualLogix, one of the leading companies in the space to find out more. Let’s get started with the Q&A… 1: Glenda, in Barcelona […]


Moto says hello to mobile virtualisation

According to PC World, today will see Motorola join a list of investors which includes Cisco, Intel, Cisco and Texas Instruments by funding mobile virtualisation company VirtualLogix. VirtualLogix lets a user can access two separate operating systems on the same handset – allowing them to share some resources like memory, but also keeping other areas, […]