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The Cloud’s stupid, stupid policy on device MAC addresses

The Cloud is a UK network of WiFi hotspots. They do an unlimited subscription for £9.99 per month. That means you can go to any of their hotspots (think train stations, pubs, hotels) and use their service. If you just want your Nokia N95 (for example) to access the service, then it’s £6.99 a month […]

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o2 UK iPhone users and free wifi from The Cloud…

Just got this in from SMS Text News reader, Dan: Well, I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned anywhere else but I logged on to a cloud hotspot with my [unlocked] iPhone yesterday and it showed an O2 branded splash screen that required me to enter an O2 phone number and, presumably, receive an SMS […]

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Da da da de da.. I’m Wi-fi’ing it

Link: McDonald’s offers free wi-fi Internet service in 1,200 U.K. outlets – MarketWatch Next time you’re in McDonalds it might not be just the choice of food that’ll save the pounds, following the announcement that they’re planning to roll-out free wi-fi by the end of the year. The fast food chain has struck a deal […]

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Wi-Fi in your Avis rental car

Link: Avis to offer wireless Internet gear This is an interesting one. Car hire company Avis are launching a Wi-Fi service that’ll work in your rented car, hotel room, or by the sounds of it pretty much anywhere you go. It’s US-only at the moment and is only available from a select number of locations, […]

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Internet on the train. I just love it!

I am thoroughly enjoying the GNER on-board Wi-Fi service. I find it absolutely invaluable. I’m still very much like a previously very cold caveman having just been given a box of lighters. I’m tickled pink that the technology actually works. High speed internet. On a train doing 100 miles per hour. That’s pretty shit hot. […]

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Swisscom’s shite deal with Premier Travel Inn

Back in Hartlepool this evening and this time I’m checking out the Premier Travel Inn at the Marina. Welcome to the centrally managed corporate bosom — I like the fact that everywhere you look here, it’s corporate. Like a McDonalds style hotel. Whatever your viewpoint of Premier, at least there’s a consistent service level. The […]

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Norwich, UK, offers free WiFi across the city

Got this in via Jon Snow’s Channel4 Snowmail newsletter. Wireless in Norwich ==================== Finally, good old Norwich. And I am not using the acronym pasted on the back of so many Valentine cards this week, I am talking about the East Anglian town. They have decided to offer free Wifi across the whole city. Needless […]

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Truphone launches N80 internet edition

Link: Truphone press office Truphone provisions the Nokia N80 Internet Edition’s native VoIP application to use Truphone’s VoIP service. Truphone is available for free, either ‘over the air’ or via download from the Truphone website, www.truphone.com. There’s a lot happening at Truphone Towers this week — they’ve just announced support for the N80. I know […]

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Truphone now available via The Cloud’s 7,500 UK wifi hotspots

Link: Truphone press office From today, owners of the latest generation of Wi-Fi-equipped mobile phones can make ultra-low cost calls from any of The Cloud’s 7,500 public Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK. Truphone is free software that enables Wi-Fi-equipped Nokia mobile phones to make internet-rate phone calls (VoIP calls) over Wi-Fi connections. When the phone […]

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World Economic Forum rates Truphone as Technology Pioneer 2007

Link: Truphone press office: Truphone selected by the World Economic Forum as Technology Pioneer 2007 Truphone has been chosen by the World Economic Forum as one of 47 Technology Pioneers for 2007, of which six are from the UK. The World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers are companies that have been identified as “developing and applying […]

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Challenges using Wifi hotspots to make voip calls … London’s hotspots unfit for voice | The Register

Link: London’s hotspots unfit for voice | The Register Most of London’s wireless hotspots can’t support more than one voice-over-IP call at a time, according to a survey by WLAN analysis specialist AirMagnet. While they’ve only surveyed about 15 sites in and around the Oxford Street area, AirMagnet have a point. There’s nothing worse than […]

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Supporting The Gadget Show’s Campaign for Free WiFi

Link: The Gadget Show Campaign for Free WiFi This week on The Gadget Show, Jason explored a pilot scheme which supplies the city of Norwich with free WiFi internet access for its people. A great idea, but not enough. We want to see free WiFi in every major town and city in the UK; for […]

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