Apple WWDC 2017 Roundup

The Apple WWDC 2017 keynote has now wrapped up. For those of you who did not manage to catch the event or did not want to sit through every announcement, we have compiled a list of the conference’s most important announcements right here. HomePod One of the biggest announcements of WWDC 2017 was HomePod, Apple’s […]


5 things that irritated me about Apple’s WWDC keynote

I watched all of it. I stuck through it. I did skip some bits where I just couldn’t handle the stupid whooping. Here, then, is my perspective on the 5 things that really annoyed me during Apple’s WWDC keynote: 1. The whooping guy After almost every second sentence, whilst Tim or any of the other […]


Have you watched the WWDC keynote?

I recommend taking a bit of time out of your schedule shortly to watch Apple’s latest WWDC keynote that took place yesterday. I have to say that the first video Tim Cook showed was particularly smart and rather emotional — classic Apple marketing and, actually, a good opportunity to take stock. They really are good […]