Text helps push up bra sales

I’m seeing more and more commercials on TV lately that encourage me to text a number to receive more info. For instance, I can request information on a new car, joining the army, and now get the latest on a range of lingerie – courtesy of TXT4 and bra manufacturer Bravissimo.

Here’s something interesting though. The TV advert (pictured) featured phone and website calls to action, as well as the text number you can see in the screen grab. In terms of response, SMS came out top, with 45% of the total consumer response coming in through the shortcode. In addition, it’s helped Bravissimo measure the return on investment for their campaign.

Jo Lee, marketing director at Bravissimo, explains ‘Assigning a unique keyword to each advertising placement across all media channels enables us to see exactly where leads come from to help determine how successful each has been in generating response. In addition profiling respondents gives valuable insights into the types of consumers we’re successfully attracting and also allows us to better analyse the impact of individual TV and radio spot times. This is valuable information when planning future campaigns. ”

Interesting stuff. Apparently the word on the street is that mobile marketing in the retail sector is going to be the big thing for the rest of the year.

TXT4’s CEO Tim Carrigan says: ‘Of the 230 major brand campaigns we currently manage, from global automotive manufacturers to travel companies, 80% of them use SMS for handling brochure requests. Companies see a dramatic uplift in response as a result of providing consumers with a quick and easy way of responding from anywhere, at anytime. Not only does this capture consumer interest at the very point they see the advertising, but automating the process provides high quality data capture while significantly reducing handling costs.”

80% is a fantastic figure, so congrats to Tim and everyone at TXT4. Any offers of scantily clad women in underwear always welcome.. 🙂

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