Google Updates Android SDK

After several companies showed off hardware running Google’s Android OS, the search giant has also gone ahead and updated the SDK. Changes include an updated UI and several smaller tweaks here and there.

I’ve chatted with several people who were at the Mobile World Congress and had a bit of a play with the officially unreleased OS, and most said it was interesting, but not earth shattering. Some even likened it to a featurephone, more than a smartphone, which may actually be a selling point, once handsets actually start hitting retail shelves.

I’ve not been very interested in it personally, as it seems much more like a niche offering than a market-changer, but these updates and reports have me interested. I will be downloading the SDK this evening and will try to give it a play over the next few days.

If you’re impatient and want to play for yourself, you can download the SDK here.

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