Film crew at Unlimited Drinks on Tuesday


Put on your best underpants on Tuesday morning, for Charlotte (and quite possibly, some of her crew) of Noisy Media is due to be filming during Unlimited Drinks this coming Tuesday.

They’ll be grabbing each and every attendee and asking them to do a piece to camera.

Charlotte, when she’s not creating masterpieces for a veritable who’s who of media giants, specialising in brilliant corporate videos. Something that, in today’s Youtube generation, your average mobile company cannot, cannot, cannot be without.

Whilst QIK is brilliant and every N95 on the planet does gorgeous near-DVD quality video, there is absolutely nothing that will beat a professionally crafted video series introducing your products and services. Doing them on the cheap by pointing the camera and talking in an echoy room, well, it’s not the way to go if you’re wanting to present a billion dollar image. Example?

Here’s a Truphone video from Youtube. I remember really liking it when I first saw it. I liked how ‘personal’ it was.

However, once I started seeing wobbly and temporarily out of focus handset shots I remembered I was seeing ‘a guy’ talking about his company’s product and wondered why they didn’t go and get the things produced professionally.

Yesterday I published this from Broca PLC:

By comparison, here’s a video we hired Charlotte and her team to create for us (for our SMS to screen nightclub services):

There’s no comparison. The top two are home made, right? The other one is proper.

QIK is great from SMS Text News. It’s got it’s place. It shows you *I* was there. It’s deliberately rough’n’ready. I don’t think companies in the mobile industry, of all industries (where things are sometimes complicated to explain) should be presenting knocked-up N95 vids to the masses.

So I’ve asked Charlotte to come along, record as many attendees as possible doing some three-sentence overviews of their companies and to hopefully spread the light. You’ll obviously get to meet her. I’m hoping that, if you’ve got a good company, offering a good service that you believe in, you’ll get yourself a decent (series of) corporate videos. You’re talking a few grand at least but it’s worth it.

If you can create a 60 second or 180 second compelling, smart, professional video that conveys your product or service offering succinctly, that’s what you want to send to the operator when you’re trying to get a meeting. Or to the global media company thinking about hiring you. No arse. No powerpoints. No knocked-up videos, please!

By Ewan

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