Study suggests UK Phone Users send 217 million texts per day

I just came across this article on The Daily Telegraph, which says that as per a study conducted among UK’s mobile phone users, the amount of total text messages exchanged every single day counts up to roughly 217 million. Yes, that’s right, 217 MILLION texts in a DAY. The one you just sent a while back could very well be adding up to the total. As compared to the last year, mobile subscribers are sending 60 million more text messages per day.

The study, which was carried out by the Mobile Data Association suggests that the amount of text messages sent in a month could be around 6.5 billion. Along with the text messages, users also send 1.5 million picture messages and video-based text messages every day.

Could this be credited to the fall in tariffs? Or could this because of the evolution of the mobile market as a whole? I sent a total of 433 text messages last month, according to my service provider.



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