TweetMinster brings your Twittering MPs on to one screen

Have you checked out The service wants constituents to find their MPs (or invite them to use Twitter if they’re not already doing so) and encourage direct conversations. TweetMinster is dedicated to promoting better communication between voters and elected representatives.


I’d actually like the ability to be able to text my MP directly. And have him/her be able to respond.

Twitter, however, plugs the gap — if the MP is that ‘connected’.

I don’t see john Baron, the MP for Billericay, listed though…

If Andy Reed was my MP, I’d be pretty impressed. Have a look at his latest Tweet:

It’s far too easy to sit back and think that your average MP is busy having lunches, saying nothing in Commons Questions and generally doing absolutely squat for you. But when you can get connected at this level, good things can start to happen.

Here’s his TweetMinster page.

Kudos to Mr Tweet himself, Tom Watson MP, who is all over Twitter. His last Tweet? 2 minutes ago. Good man.

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