27 minutes to upload 1GB to ZumoDrive

I haven’t seen Lee Wilkins in the flesh for a good few years. He’s been out in Romania pursuing numerous opportunities in the digital space. We still talk — or Tweet/Facebook/Email — but I don’t think I want to speak with Lee aagin.

Not after I saw his Tweet last night about ZumoDrive.

27 seconds to upload 1GB to #ZumoDrive

I am riddled with jealousy.

I’d like to point out that Lee is in ROMANIA. And he can upload a gig in 27 seconds? How shit is the UK infrastructure?

Well, let me tell you.

I have an 8mb BT broadband option 3 bollocks connection. (“8mb connection my arse!”)

It’s the most expensive consumer ‘business’ one you can buy. And at peak performance it will do just under 50k/second upload.

Typically, with everything switched off and the whole town asleep, it usually does 35k/second upload.

Download, it’s more or less double. 80-100k/second down. Sometimes slightly faster from companies who have got data centres in the UK and highly connected.

I can thus upload a whisker over 2mb a MINUTE if I’m lucky. That means I can upload a gig in 8.3 hours.


So whatever bollocks you read in the press about the Government — and British Telecom — moving ‘Britain into the 21st Century’, it hasn’t happened in Billericay, Essex, 30-odd miles East of London.

I’d be — literally — quicker moving to Romania.

More about ZumoDrive here.

Update: See Lee’s comment below. 26 minutes, not seconds 😉

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