Record your own voice navigation instructions with Nokia’s ‘Own Voice’ app

Right then, this is genius! The ability to record my OWN voice navigation instructions? Bring. It. On!

Have a read:

Tired of the same old “Turn left”? Now that navigation is free in Ovi Maps you can create your own drive guidance instructions and share them with friends and family. Cheer up your loved ones’ dull morning commute or do your best pirate voice for a friend – Own Voice for Ovi Maps lets you say it your way! Own Voice for Ovi Maps requires the latest version of Ovi Maps installed on your device.

This is going straight on my N86 8MB. I love the fact that once I’ve recorded my 53 scottish-themed See-You-Jimmy driving instructions, I can upload the voice pack to Ovi Maps so that the 10 million other Ovi Maps users can each benefit from my voice pack.

“Irn Bru Ewan”, I think that’s what I’ll call my voice pack 😉

If you’d like to record your own voice pack, it’s really simple. Here are the instructions:

Find a quiet space to record, then let the app take you through each of the 53 required commands including the penultimate “You have reached your destination”. When you’re done recording, you simply add your name, save and the voice pack is uploaded to the Own Voice website meaning that others can also choose your voice to direct them en route.

I’m really looking forward to modifying the hugely annoying ‘Turn around when possible‘ message into something a little bit more… fragrant.

Download to your Nokia device with this URL:

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Please don't forget to link to your voice pack. I want to give it a go in our portuguese roads…

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