Impressed by Vodafone UK’s support service


I was searching earlier for the Vodafone UK APN settings. I know the details off by heart but I wanted to confirm nothing had changed since I last messed around setting up the APN on an unlocked Android device.

I came across this rather helpful Vodafone official site. Genius. I’m delighted. This kind of clear, direct and useful repository of information has been a long time coming. I don’t think many other operators have this level of clear, useful support (that isn’t hidden away in some godawful customer support question-and-answer ‘knowledgebase’).

Nice one Vodafone.

The link you need is this one.

I’m very impressed to find the homepage of the support site accessible and friendly. It even features Andy, one of the UK support team chaps:


Love it.

By Ewan

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Numbers. This story needs some numbers. How many activated iPhones in the UK can use this application? How many of those activated iPhones have this application installed? What is the average amount from each order taken via this application? What stores show the greatest number of orders from this application? What is the peak time of the day and week for orders from this application? Do they notice a peak time of the day/week/month for new downloads of this application? What was the greatest number of orders received nationwide in one 24 hour period? What 24 hour period was this?

Based on their comment about the future. What version(s) of Android are they aiming at? Market scale for those phones that are/will be capable of running this application? Will they support operator billing?*

And finally, and someone needs to be asking every company who pumps out a press release like this, where is the Qt based Symbian application? Will this version also support operator billing?*

*Operator billing is for me, the equivalent of a credit card. I have been able to buy pizza’s from my phone, via operator billing here in Finland for quite some time. It is not done via an application but by phoning a store specific number. Listen to the recorded message confirming your bill, then hang up. 30 or so seconds later someone from the correct store phones back to take your order. You go pick it up or get it delivered. It is obviously available as a form of in store payment as well. A number of Subway branches trialled a very similar system about three years ago but dropped it after about 6 months.

You see, this is why Android just can’t replace the iPhone for me ATM. Where is the equivalent app for Android. Another App I use all the time is Parkers Guide, in my role as a car Sales Manager it earns me lots of real money, makes a real difference, has been out on iOS for a year now, no sign of it on Android.

I think it was also here I read about a Debenhams App that was only ever gonna be iOS only? I don’t use them, but you see the trend?

Yes. Sorry Ewan. The page was refreshing itself every minute or so as I was writing it. I don’t think it changed, but somehow it dumped this in entirely the wrong place.

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