Unlimited Drinks London tonight is completely full!

Snapdragon logo

Well then, we’re here. It’s time!

The Mobile Industry Review summer programme of events begins tonight with Unlimited Drinks London.

If you haven’t had your place confirmed, please think twice about coming along. It pains me to write this but I’m rather concerned at people turning up and being denied entry by the venue because of fire regulations. The venue can only take 80 people maximum and we’ve had well over 200 people ask to come along. I think we’ll need to change things for next time.

Tonight though, if you’ve been lucky enough to get on the list, it’s going to be good.

I’m very excited. Looking down the guest list, we’ve got an eclectic list of attendees from all parts of the mobile industry. From finance to funding to bloggers to operators to manufacturers to service providers. All senior people. All ready to talk mobile and network with each other.

I’ll be doing a big big write-up afterwards, plus — as we’re taking the camera — I’m aiming to get as many attendees on video possible!

The event is kindly supported by Qualcomm (hence the Snapdragon logo above) and although we’ll have some of their European team on site tonight, I asked them to give a quick written overview of their current focus (in the context of supporting Unlimited Drinks):

Thanks Ewan – Qualcomm is very happy to be involved with such a great event.

As many of you know, our Snapdragon platform has been well received by the industry with over 75 devices announced or commercially available smartphones or tablets. There are currently 150 in development, 60 of which feature our new Snapdragon dual-core processor. As we know that developers, operators and other members of the community can benefit from early access to our technology, we have developed the Snapdragon Mobile Development Platform (MDP).

The Snapdragon MDP gives developers, OEMs and carriers early access to the latest Qualcomm hardware and software tools to develop, test & optimize prior to commercial device & application availability. We are very proud of our dual-core CPU Snapdragon processors which combine high performance and low power with innovative graphics and multimedia capabilities to deliver outstanding performance for the most demanding smartphones and tablets with high-speed connectivity, powerful application and graphics processors, GPS, cameras and other sensors.

To help support innovative development and drive ever more useful applications, Qualcomm has developed an augmented reality platform and a free software development kit (SDK) to enable a new generation of vision-based augmented reality applications which have been made possible by advanced chipsets, such as Qualcomm’s 1Ghz-plus Snapdragon. The SDK utilizes computer vision technology to tightly align graphics with underlying objects, permitting creative developers to build the next generation of mobile applications based on augmented reality. 

Qualcomm’s vision-based technology is aimed at creating a new breed of fun and useful applications. Applications could include games and virtual toys, educational and how-to instructions, as well as interactive extensions to printed media and product packaging.

Qualcomm’s technology will enable developers to innovate a new wave of applications that will drive demand for a future generation of products and services, thereby cementing the future of AR.

Prepare to merge your physical and digital worlds…

Thank you Qualcomm!

Three lucky attendees will leave tonight having won a new smartphone. Oh yes. Qualcomm have provided the following devices for a business card raffle:

  • 1x Sony Xperia Play
  • 1x Dell Venue Pro (WP7)
  • 1x Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 Mini Pro

The event is taking place at Dishoom — London’s first Bombay Cafe which, I have on good authority, serves absolutely fantastic food. We’ll be serving both food and drinks across the evening (unlimited, but with a fair usage policy, obviously…!)

Looking at the menu now my mouth is most certainly watering.

I look forward to seeing everyone tonight. I’ll be the one in the pinstripe!

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