White iPhone 4… does anybody really care?

I know there’s going to be a subset of the iPhone marketplace that will do almost anything to get a white iPhone 4. My hunch is that almost a third (or in some cases, half-way) through the contract billing cycle, the number of people who will opt for the white iPhone is going to be significantly reduced.

I knew quite a few people who, when the black iPhone 4 hit the market, told me confidently that they’d be, ‘waiting for the white one,’… but they all gave up after a month or so and bought the black one and stuck a fancy case on it.

Perhaps I’m underestimating the market. I think it’s going to be in demand from a much smaller pool of people.

What do you reckon?

By Ewan

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2 replies on “White iPhone 4… does anybody really care?”

100% agree with you Ewan.
This iPhone 4 just comes too late in the market. Sure if it finally hits shelves it will be a collector but “true” iPhone owners didn’t wait this white one and choosed the black a few months ago.
And those who decided to skip the iPhone 4 will presumably be more likely to buy the v5 (whenever it comes this year) than the white one.

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