MEF Americas 2011 returns to Miami — early bird booking!

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One of the most valuable events I attended last year was the MEF Americas event. The content was simply outstanding — especially for someone like me with a European outlook. The focus was obviously on ‘Americas’ but not just the usual suspects (i.e. West Coast America). I met and interviewed dozens of executives from some of the largest Latin American firms and came away rather excited about the prospects of the region.

If you’d like to connect with leading players in Latin America, I strongly recommend taking a look at the event.

The event takes place on November 29th & 30th in balmy Miami at the rather iconic Fontainbleu Hotel (they have iMacs in their hotel rooms, I kid ye not). This week you can save $200 on the ticket cost — but this early bird registration finishes on Friday.

All the details you need are at

(By the way, you can see some of the interviews I filmed at MEF Americas 2010 here.)

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