My HolidayPhone SIM for Spain arrived: Here’s what it looks like

You can read about my initial experience with HolidayPhone at my introductory post from last week. I’m pleased to say that the SIM arrived this week in plenty of time for my upcoming trip to Barcelona, Spain, for Mobile World Congress.

So the SIM has arrived — but that’s not all. I’m very impressed with the “get started in three easy steps” guide that comes with the SIM. This is the extra service level that I was hoping for. This is where the value comes from. They’ve done ALL the thinking for me.

Click to enlarge the scan below:


As you can see they’ve not only given me detailed instructions on how to forward my existing mobile number to the new SIM number. That’s useful. What’s even better is that they give you the specific APN settings that you need, especially for your iPhone/iPad. Utterly invaluable.

I really don’t want to be messing around Googling for this stuff and I don’t want to have to try and parse the information from a Spanish-language brochure. Indeed I don’t know if this sort of information comes with the SIM either.

So, as far as I’m concerned, thanks to HolidayPhone, I now have a fully operational Spanish SIM, ready to rock, with a lovely 1GB of data loaded up. (Plus a load of minutes, but that’s not my focus! For me, it’s data-data-data).

Nice work HolidayPhone! Very impressive service!

By Ewan

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8 replies on “My HolidayPhone SIM for Spain arrived: Here’s what it looks like”

Wow, very cool. And how rare to get instructions — much less, reasonably cogent and truly helpful ones — these days!

I’m sure you look forward to a day when you can get something like that, here in the States. Wouldn’t hold my breath, tho. 😛

How did it work out for you?  Was it as painless as it seemed it would be?  Good quality, not gotchas?  Report, please!!

Just wondered how your sim worked out?  I want to get one for USA but am a bit nervous as the only feedback I have come across is on their Facebook page and is from an extremely disgruntled cusomer whose service didn’t work and they won’t give him a refund!  i’m trying to find out if that is a trend  or a one off! 

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