How Wireless Will Pave the Path to Neobank Profitability

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Do you need US iTunes Store credit? I recommend!

I’ve had a US iTunes account for quite a while now. It’s been thoroughly useful across the years when I’ve needed to test out an app or service that’s only available in the United States app store.

One of the benefits of having an account is that you can also purchase other content — not just apps — movies and TV episodes in particular. I do find that the UK iTunes Store is a little bit limited now and again, whereas there’s quite a wealth of new content to consume on the US Store.

I’ve kept a balance on my iTunes account for quite a while just in case I needed to buy anything to test. But the other day I thought I’d see if I could download the latest episodes of The Walking Dead (Series 2). Quickly I blew $10 of my $20 available balance.

So I set about looking for a reliable way to get iTunes credit on my US account. The problem I have is that I don’t have an American credit card — you ordinarily need that to buy things. Instead a little while ago I bought some iTunes ‘credit’ from some guy online. That’s the fix. The transaction went fine but I wanted a bit more of a service level. A little bit of confidence, really.

So last night I did a search and came across (affiliate link) and decided to buy a $25 iTunes card. Of course, since it’s online, the only thing I need is the actual code from the back.

And that’s precisely what ‘Jerry’, the chap who runs the site, offers.

He’ll also set you up an iTunes account too — for $4.99 — if you can’t be bothered to do it yourself.

$25 of credit cost me $31.99. Fair enough. I was happy to pay the premium and did so via PayPal.

Jerry then immediately sent me a scanned image of my $25 iTunes gift card with the code helpfully scratched off and ready to type in.

I’ve now been able to purchase and download a lot more content. So if you’re looking for a service that works, do check it out.

I’d also welcome any recommendations for alternative suppliers.


  1. Personnally I don’t pirate stuff, but it amazes me that it is not obvious to all the content owners of the world that forcing people to jump through hoops like this tempts more people to ‘the dark side’.
    On a related note, having recently moved here from Denmark I now happily pay for Netflix but am not able to watch it on either of my phones (win7 & iPhone), because the Netflix app is not available in the Danish marketplaces my phones are tied to. Sigh.

  2. I normally buy an American gift credit card, visa or mastercard have several on the market, which just work like a normal card – though you need to provide at least a zip code (I’m a 90210 generation so that is it for me!)

  3. The ratio gets lower the higher your purchase. But yeah … Just use your own card if it’s too expensive. —
    Sent from Mailbox for iPad

  4. I agree you have to try 4saleusa this is the most Denmark iTunes movie lovers around, cheap fast and Legit from 2004. Except itunes they have VUDU movie for $1.99 rental and HULU PLUS subscription gift cards. or check dibuu auctions.



    Jerry, I sent you a friend request with my message yesterday. You accepted and replied saying that you received my message with order details. However, you then proceeded to un-friend request me, block me on Facebook, and then deleted our conversation.

    I ordered a $15 iTunes code through your website. I noticed that my Paypal account was deducted by the payment that I made to you, yet I did not receive any email at all of the code. Where are the items that I paid for? You guaranteed a fulfillment of the order within a few hours at most. Yet nothing has been done to complement such a guarantee.

    I will give you 1 week to either respond to me with the items that I paid for (the $15 iTunes code) or supply a full refund to my Paypal account. Otherwise, I will be accusing you of a scam, and legal consequences and many complaints on every review website regarding your business will follow.





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