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I am always delighted to hear from readers.

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I’ve put this email first as it’s usually the one that people pick up on first and stick into a spreadsheet for mass mailings, most of which are nonsense.

If you’d actually like to connect with me, then use my email below. You might also find the For PRs page helpful.

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Ewan MacLeod
Apt 2436
Chynoweth House
Trevissome Park
Truro, Cornwall

There’s always someone here to receive courier parcels or packages during business hours. (This is our redirect address.)


You can follow the latest posts from the site by looking up @mobileindustry.

Contacting Me:

Twitter: @ew4n

5 replies on “Contact Us”

Having been given your URL from a guy called Dave (from Canada – he says you will know him) I wonder if you might have an answer a question. I recently purchased a Blackberry 8707v but didn’t realise at the time that it only has voice via a bluetooth connection. This is a real pain for me and I wondered if there was any way of changing a setting etc (hitting it in the right spot!) to get it to accept data?
Thanks for any advice.

hi Ewan

please dont moan about this. but why am i paying so much to usemy mxit.
im on vodafone, i read a few articles, and people seem to be paying next to nothing to use it, please help if u can.

if i got thro to the wrong person, im sorry

hi this is one off the things i read.

‘goes on to show that standing still, the idle data consumption of Mig 33 is apparently 220mb per month. Butter me in honey and call me Susan! If you were using Mig 33 on Vodafone, that would cost you £517 a month. MXit would cost you about £1.60 a month. What a difference.’

so u see my problem

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