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The transition to 5G

Connected technologies are increasingly becoming a part of our everyday life. A very considerable portion of the world already owns a smartphone and things like wearable gadgets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are also penetrating the market at a steady rate. At its core, the Internet is considered a basic commodity nowadays. Aside from […]

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What’s next for mobile networks?

Many of us now have access to hi-speed 4G networks, with mobile operators around the world racing to roll out the latest flavours of the technology. But what comes next, and what will it mean for you and me? So-called fifth-generation or 5G networks are looming ever-closer on the horizon, and besides the technology giving […]


Could 5G be on its way in Korea?

A while back I wrote a piece of PR tripe which concluded that the only missing piece in mobile gaming is 4G. There was, I wrote, no point in having really powerful phones that could run them if you had to pay a fortune to download them. 3G is fine for looking at email and […]