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Youth: Text in Knife Crime Concerns

So I’m back to school this week; and during my free lessons, I often find myself aimlessly wandering around. I probably shouldn’t be, as I have mountains of work to do, but it’s certainly more fun. But it turns out my aimless journeys around my over-crowded school can come in handy… And I came across […]

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Oh no… Not another Blyk!

It has been reported that Comtel, an Australian telecom firm is to launch SMSpup: Mobile, an MNVO offering subsidised tariffs in return for adverts. Unlike Blyk the service is not completely free, and that they will receive around a 65% discount on pre-paid tariffs. Similar to Blyk customers who “opt-in” will receive MMS and SMS […]


Tesco peppers WAP portal with ads

Apparently, what Tesco Mobile users really, really want is more advertising. After a trial earlier this year that saw advertising put up on the MVNO’s WAP site, Tesco reckons its users are now receptive to viewing advertising when they browse. According to 4th Screen Advertising, which supplies Tesco’s ads, ads on the site, including promos […]