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Mobile coupons: Don’t discount for the sake of it

I’ve delighted to bring you this contribution from Theresa Wabler, Marketing Director at incentive solutions firm, Parago. Theresa explores a phenomenon that I’ve been watching closely — that is, discounting for the sake of it. Or, discounting where there’s no specific reason to do so. A perfect example is the oft quoted mobile marketing nirvana […]

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A nice example of Nokia’s smart subliminal marketing

The problem we’ve all had with Nokia, I think it’s fair to say, is that in recent years the products haven’t quite met our expectations compared to the rest of the market. I know the purists reading will disagree at this point — however, let me point you to Android and iOS device sales over […]

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Advertising in a hyper-connected real-time world: Oh dear…

If you’re into mobile advertising in terms of work or just general interest, I strongly recommend you check out the latest post from Jonathan MacDonald. He explores the current way much of the advertising/marketing world works and goes on to contrast this with the brave new world of direct, real-time communication that’s evolving between brands […]

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The Smartphone Obsession in Marketing, Part 1

The Smartphone Obsession Here’s Part 1 of the Smartphone Obsession Series that I’m producing thanks to the support of mobile messaging giant, OpenMarket. In this first episode, I talked with Alex Meisl, Chairman at mobile marketing specialists, Sponge Group. Alex is also joint-Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association so I thought it would be fascinating […]

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I’m speaking at tomorrow’s Senior Market Mobile 2010 event

I’m off to the Senior Market Mobile 2010 conference in London tomorrow and I’m very much looking forward to it. After lunch I’m speaking on the topic of Zero Friction (“Ewan MacLeod on designing a service to connect grandparents to media from their family.”) It’s only 15 minutes so I’m working hard to keep the […]

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New Video Series: Is the mobile marketing industry too obsessed with smartphones?

Is the mobile marketing industry far too obsessed with smartphones? That’s the question I’ll be asking in a new video series coming soon to Mobile Industry Review in association with OpenMarket, the leading global mobile transaction hub. In the wake of Clarityn’s apparent success at achieving 70,000 downloads of their iPhone pollen count application, I […]

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Read: The Four Pillars of iPhone/iPad App Marketing

This text is contributed by Jeffrey Hughes, author of iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling Your iPhone and iPad Apps. He’s put together these four pillars for your consideration. It’s riding high up the Kindle reading list and is currently #13 in the Amazon Electronics book section. For good reason. Here’s what Jeffrey […]

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Call for Mobile Marketing Taxonomy (and it’s sorely needed)

Jonathan MacDonald has had enough. And so have I. The industry is continually comparing Apples and Pears when it comes to mobile marketing. Witness the following from Jonathan’s recent post on the matter: Page 12 of NMA (27.11.08) contains a piece by Charlotte McEleny who writes that “Some 65% of young consumers find mobile messaging […]

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Where’s the mobile awareness gone?

Wow! Doesn’t time just fly by? I’ve been away for a month – organising myself with school and the various activities I’m involved in, and it feels like forever! Never fear though, because now I’m back. Well, for once a week that is! Now school’s are a hostile environment (well, at least mine is), and […]

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