ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Mad Brits on the Beach

Today’ ShoZu Photo Of The Day comes from regular contributor Ricky Chotai. Here’s what Ricky has to say about it: This my Shozu photo of the day. It was back in August when the chaps at WOM world sent me the N82, Shozu and QIK were the first applications I put on it. I then […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Nokia Exclusives

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is from our very own Ben Smith. If you remember way-back in — was it November? — we were sent a Nokia E63 to test by the useful and industrious WOMWorld guys. It arrived in Ben’s office and within seconds the world was having a look: I asked Ben […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day

Mobile Industry Review reader David Carrington lucked out when he won the Vodafone Netbook in the MIR Christmas Presents draw last month — thanks to your support we raised £2,059.96 for our two charities. Vodafone’s Find Live Guy campaign donated the netbook — thank you Vodafone (more details here). Well, today’s ShoZu Photo Of The […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Fun Facts? NO thanks!

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is a screenshot. My screenshot. I’ve included this in our ShoZu daily line up because I was particularly keen to document a ‘feature’ of the service I use a lot. I use Anthony Pranata’s brilliant ‘Screenshot’ for Symbian to capture screenshots on my Nokia N95 8GB. When I take […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Return of the Mac

I’ve been after promobs — that is, smart and sophisticated mobile geniuses (the opposite of normobs) — to send me their FIRST ever ShoZu-uploaded picture. It often makes for interesting viewing. Mac Morrison — aka mostlythis — responded and sent me a link to his first ever ShoZu upload to Flickr: Mac does point out […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Wanko!

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is from Mobile Industry Review reader, Phil Parry. Phil was in Beijing, China, last week. He used ShoZu’s GPS-tagging feature to tag the photo to his Flickr Map. Looking closer, it seems he was near the Forbidden City when he took the photo. Any westerner familiar with the phrase […]


Most popular handsets using ShoZu

A few weeks ago, I wondered what the most popular handsets using ShoZu are. In the post I speculated that it must be the Nokia N95 on top of the list, followed by maybe a few other Nokias. I very much agreed with reader Mack005’s comment — he reckoned it would be the N95 and […]

ShoZu Photo Of The Day: FLAKE!

Two flakes, to be exact. ‘If you’re a fan of sundaes,’ Fai writes, ‘Check this out’. I am a fan. Anything with vanilla in it tends to get my attention. So, then, let’s begin with another ShoZu Photo Of The Day! Mobile Industry Review reader Fai Yip (who describes himself as more of a lurker […]

ShoZu Video Of The Day

Ah hah, today we’ve got a video and not a photo. Mobile Industry Review reader, Jared, took pity on us on Monday morning and sent us in this video via ShoZu. You know we got a paltry inch of snow here in the UK that day? And I took a video of a poor chap […]

ShoZu Picture Of The Day

Today’s ShoZu Picture Of The Day is another one I took whilst in Val d’Isere. Or, more accurately, on the way back. I didn’t quite understand Eurostar’s timetable and, as a result, I embarked via Ashford International (leaving the car in their car park) and, most annoyingly, found that the return train only stops at […]

ShoZu Picture Of The Day

We’re back with the ShoZu Picture Of The Day! Mail me your best, most relevant or most unusual ShoZu uploads (to Flickr or the like) and we’ll put your name in lights here and drop your site a link. (I’m – use the subject ‘ShoZu Picture Of The Day’ so I can quickly spot […]


ShoZu – Christmas Picture – RobK – 52.5 points

Merry Christmas Everyone Right, from my calculations I’ve got 52.5 points 3 x 1 for clothes 2.5 for decent chocolates 7 for easily ebayable (phone) 15 for rechargeable toothbrush 25 for sony ericsson quantum of solace c902 bond phone Can anyone beat that? Rob