Square is doing rather well in the States

If you’ve been tracking the developments of the M-Commerce arena, you’ll most probably have had an eye on Square, the mobile payments startup. They’ve been doing rather well of late as this post from TechCrunch points out. It’s a useful primer that’ll bring you up to date. I’m interested to understand what the team at […]


Square’s new iPad ‘cash register’ — nice

There’s a nice post on TechCrunch today about mobile payments genius, Square. They’re certainly beginning to rock the marketplace. The numbers in the first paragraph alone read very much like ‘job done’ in the context of Silicon Valley. I’m particularly excited by their iPad ‘cash register’. Just like many organisations have jumped to Google Apps, […]


Jack Dorsey’s Square gets Visa stamp of approval

I’ve been banging on about Square for quite a while. They’ve now got a massive, massive stamp of approval in the form of a strategic investment from Visa. Good move on Visa’s part. Keep watching the space. There is no doubt that mobile payments company Square is on a roll. The company just landed a […]

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Fred Wilson’s top 10 mobile wants

Fred Wilson, VC extrodonnaire at Union Square Ventures has published a list of the top 10 things he wants to see on his mobile. I read down the list going ‘yeah, uh huh, yeah’ — and all sorts of companies and products were popping into my head. Fred — the good news: A lot of […]