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People without cards

So there were tons of people there tonight who didn't have cards or who don't have websites that I can link to, ergo I wasn't able to document'em here. Quick 'hi' to movie producer Ben Pullen, a friend of Helen's — and management & strategy consultant, Jay Singh. I had a super time tonight at […]

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Matt Bembridge of Leiki

Matt is MD of Leiki UK. Sitting staring at the card, I'm not quite sure what Leiki do as I didn't quite have time to ask him since he was in conversation with another chap called Steve. Had a quick look. <blockquote>Leiki provides software tech that automatically personalises content & community services.</blockquote>. Interesting stuff.

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Matt Wakeman of Vodafone

When Matt introduced himself, I turned to Carlo, grabbed his shoulder and began hyperventilating. I'm. In. A. ROOM. WIth. Someone. From. VODAFONE. 馃槈 Carlo then explained that I come out in an embarrassing rash and experience projectile vomiting whenever I find myself in close proximity to mobile phone operators. It's ok. It's a syndrome. I've […]

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Paul Bradley of Gemalto

My first question to Paul of Gemalto, the sim card people, was to ask when I can get my hands on a 512 or 1024mb MegaSIM. He's gonna get back to me on that. I don't think they're generally available yet — at least in the UK. My second question to Paul was to ask […]

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Tom Hume & Thom Hopper of Future Platforms

I briefly said hi to Tom Hume and colleague Thom of Future Platforms. Amongst other things, Tom's company did a lot to launch the rather innovative Flirtomatic mobile and web dating site. Do check out the Future Platforms site as well as Tom's own blog.

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The man himself, Carlo Longino of Mobhappy

I was excited to finally connect with Mr Mobile, Carlo, Editor of influential mobile blog Mobhappy. What a cool guy! I had a little chat to him about the media genius hotel he visited here in London – I wrote about it the other month, a wicked new one in Hoxton. I forget it's name […]

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Amir Ahmad of Txtfo

Txt-fo (text'fo) verb – to request and receive information anywhere. I caught up with Amir who animately described a what his company is up to. Publicly, their service is a super way of connecting your handset and email in terms of receiving and requesting info. For example, querying the price of a CD, then buying […]

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Andy Natt of Mindmatics

Then I knocked into Andy, Operations Director at Mindmatics ('full service mobile') who I've never met – but I've done quite a lot of project pitches and the like with his company over the years. He was, rightly so, full of energy. Mindmatics do some absolutely cool stuff for a lot of diverse high profile […]

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Graham Holliday of Noodlepie

I didn't get much of a chance to connect with Graham of Noodlepie to ask him more about what he does. Blogger & Journalist it says here on his business card. He's just arrived in from France.

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Paul from Morpheme Game Studios

One of the first chaps I connected with tonight was Paul O'Sullivan or Morpheme who do a heck of a lot of stuff with interactive games – including quite a bit of mobile ones. I've asked him if he'll do an interview so I can find out more about what they do.

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Bango sponsored it all

Got into the bar just past 7pm and wondered why so many Bango employees were at the event – until someone explained that the badges qualified you for a free drink. I found out after I'd put my card behind the bar and got tanked up on some coca cola. I think I got there […]

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Our hosts Steve Flaherty and Helen Keegan

I caught Helen almost as soon as I arrived. She was in excellent spirits and immediately introduced me to Sam of Chinwag – it's been years since we last connected. Helen was supervising by the bar area whilst Steve was holding court in the back area past the huge Bango sign. He's got a lot […]

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