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Meitu and the ‘free’ app dilemma

Before this week, Meitu (Android and iOS) was virtually unknown in the Western market. While it has been a hit in its native China for years, the app only recently made headlines in the West where it has been propelled into the top of each respective mobile app store. In case you haven’t actually seen […]

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History of the tablet

The History of the Tablet

Contrary to popular belief, the tablet did not suddenly appear in 2010. In fact, the history of the tablet is quite rich. Though devices like the personal computer had a fairly straightforward path, the tablet was different. Today, we will be taking a look at some key points in the history of the tablet from […]

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IoT & Wearables: DIY IoT

For the first two entries of this series, we focused on social media and smart clothing. The goal was to showcase that the world of IoT and wearables is more diverse than what you might think. Today, I would like to show you some of the coolest DIY  IoT projects that anyone could get into. […]

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Mobile attacks

Fighting off against rising mobile attacks

Despite the fact that our lives are becoming increasingly more reliant on digital technologies, most of us are still largely unaware of the various threats online. There is one simple idea that people should understand; you are responsible for the protection of your data. Security breaches in major companies are not uncommon at all, unfortunately. […]

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Google Play Music vs Apple Music

Google Play Music vs Apple Music

As an avid music streaming fan, I have used quite a lot of services in my time. With free trials all around, it is quite easy to get a sense of what suits you best in this market, after all. Today, we will be focusing on Google Play Music vs Apple Music. The two giants […]

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Mass data retention

EU top court protests mass data retention

A month ago, we reported that the UK had approved the Investigatory Powers Bill, also known as “Snoopers’ Charter”. Among other things, the bill would force mass data retention from ISPs in the UK. Today, the European Union’s Court of Justice ruled that “Members States may not impose a general obligation to retain data on […]

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getting started with macOS

Getting Started with: macOS

Apple’s macOS has gone through many different iterations over the years. From 2012 until 2016, for instance, it was simply known as OS X. The name, of course, matters little to the average consumer. What does matter is that Apple’s OS has been the most popular alternative to Windows for a considerable number of years […]

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Gavilan SC

The History of the: Laptop

For the next part of our historical content series, we will be taking a close look at mobile computing from its earliest days to recent times. Today, the laptop is a common device in every household. In fact, devices like tablets and ultrabooks have replaced the laptop in many a household though its presence in […]

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Social Media Wearables

IoT & Wearables: Social Media

The IoT and wearables industries have the potential to disrupt a lot of markets. Many of the devices that we have already seen can completely change the way we interact with technology, after all. One particular area that will most likely be affected by the soon-to-come explosion of those industries is social media. Their ever-changing […]

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