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Have a read of this text, apparently authored by CEO, Janet Leigh, according to this post on

Update to the TA Community insiders: Due to the complicated nature of the planned upcoming move to a private paid members only community, changes will not be formally announced until sometime in August. Current ‘free sites’ will be suspended starting July 1 with a planned deletion scheduled for the fall 2006. DO NOT QUESTION me about these changes as NOTHING will be said in advance of the official notices. THANK YOU for your consideration in this regard.
From *Janet on June 8, 2006 2:30am

I particularly like the use of CAPS for emphasis.

So, if you have a account and you’re not paying, watch out, your account is about to be zapped and your photos dumped. For all those refugees wanting to take a copy of their photos prior to the zapping, check out MoblogImport — this will transfer your pics over to

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Sorry to hear this, Textamerica was really formative for the US SMS’ing scene and along with Webshots and Flickr played (IMHO) such a great role in helping popularize texting and blogging via cell phones.

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