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Wall Street Journal goes on record about Apple Phone & Cingular

Link: WSJ reports Apple and Cingular launching cellphone – Engadget

“People familiar with the situation” have apparently informed the WSJ that Apple is launching the Applephone (or whatever it’s called) as early as tomorrow.

We shall know for sure shortly…

By Ewan

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One reply on “Wall Street Journal goes on record about Apple Phone & Cingular”

Can Apple really position themselves as a mobile handset manufacturer with the only basis of their product being the brand [presumably].

I consider Nokia to be a very good brand but also as an organisation that has totally f……ked up so many handset designs on the way to nirvana that they are now quite good at their game and can produce exciting handsets [within the framework of planned obsolecence].

How come people are getting all groovy about Apple introducing their first mobile cellphone when even the skilled guys such as Nokia have taken some years to reach excellence.

My view is that ‘if’ the handset is launched by Apple it will be a pig’s ear. The landscape for handset functionality, applications and user behaviour is changing so fast that if Apple launch something this week they will need to have a rock solid road map to keep the handset updated to match the trends in the industry.

Question: “How come handset manufacturers make more than one type of handset and Apple are going to launch one?” Do they know something that the experts do not.

You heard it hear first, this thing is going down like a lead balloon.

“I’ll be back…………………………….”

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