SurfKitchen’s Orange Downloads doubles Orange data ARPU

Link: webitpr | Download Data Arpu Doubles As Orange Signature Strategy Puts A Premium On The User Experience

Following the development of  ‘Orange Downloads’ – a branded On-Device Portal (ODP) application developed for Orange by SurfKitchen, Orange has seen a near doubling of download data ARPU from Signature devices featuring Orange Downloads.
The application was developed as part of Orange’s Signature device strategy which aims to offer customers a simple and seamless experience with ‘one click’ access to services. Orange Downloads was launched at the end of 2005 in the UK and France and offers customers easy access to the top mobile content (ringtones, pictures and games).

This is pretty smart. However, if you are an Orange customer paying three or four quid a meg to download data, you are plain stupid.

And if you’re one of the idiots who’s bought their ‘unlimited data at off-peak’ £75/month price plan, you are stupid, cubed.

Orange, on the other hand, are smart, ripping all that cash of people!

By Ewan

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