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I’ve been playing a lot with QIK recently — it’s very smart, but there’s one issue I’ve got with it: If I don’t have network coverage, I don’t appear to be able to stream my videos.

FlixWagon sent me through a newsletter this morning — it’s second item contained this paragraph:

Can you hear me now…?
You never know when something Flix-worthy might occur. Maybe you come across some break-dancers in the subway that would make an awesome video but you have no service, what do you do? Record it anyway! Flixwagon guarantees that all videos WILL be uploaded to our site. That means that even if you have no network coverage, your videos will be uploaded online the second that you do.

This is good news. I managed to stream a QIK video of my friend Angus running the London Marathon on Sunday — unfortunately it didn’t upload, for one reason or another, because I was something like 10 minutes behind streaming and I ended up going into the tube and losing network signal.

I’m excited by the innovation between the likes of FlixWagon and QIK. I’m going to put FlixWagon on the E90 again and see how it functions.

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I’ve tried to upgrade and have received the SMS from Flixwagon, but my N95 steadfastly refuses to install it: “Installation of ‘Download’ not supported” – this on the standard N95 browser. Why not just give us a SIS file? Too many hoops!

I want to like QIK – but everytime I’ve gone to use it, none of my videos have uploaded.. I live in a flaky signal area and although there have been delays in streaming, none have successfully made it. I’ve tried on a variety of Nseries handsets – don’t even get me started on the annoying registration code issues I’ve had with changing handsets and firmware updates etc…

Neil’s last blog post..Mobile Barcodes on Gravestones

@Ewan, thanks for the post 🙂 Hopefully the E90 could be supported soon…
@WhatleyDude, let us know what you think of Flixwagon after you take for a test drive
@Neil, So I guess Flixwagon’s new client is the thing for you, especially with bad connectivity…

Hi all (and greetings, Xen!)

Qik has been supporting no-network-coverage videos since December; here’s a blog post about it from February:

Here’s an example from February:
And another from December (wow, looking back at the early days… quality sure has come a long way)

Keep Qik running and it automatically reconnects and uploads, but the key thing here is to keep it running. If you aren’t able to leave Qik running (either active or in the background), you can still retrieve the video later, but this is a bit more involved. We’re working to make this process more automatic.

To run Qik in the background press Menu > Hide Qik.

When in background mode and there’s still some video to be streamed out – it will detect when network becomes available and stream the video out at the 1st possible opportunity. Once it finishes streaming the video out, it will disconnect from the network as well.

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