The ShoZu Weekend begins tomorrow

Rome. We’re off to Rome tomorrow morning at the unlikely time of 7.30am. Unlikely because I suspect we’d all very much rather be in bed at that time on a Saturday morning. Let alone having to worry about being at the airport two hours before.

The MIR Show team is heading to Rome to produce January’s show and you can find more details about that here.

Over the weekend we’re going to be showing off the best of ShoZu. That is, we’ll be saying ‘screw it’ to our roaming data bills (I *must* dig out my 3UK sim card… where is it?) and doing ShoZu uploads big time.

My handset of choice happens to be the most popular handset with ShoZu installed: iPhone.

I reckon that the iPhone camera will be fine in bright sunny Rome. I further reckon that we’ll also use the MIR Posterous system to send some commentary and imagery directly to the site over the weekend.

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By Ewan

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