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Three and o2: Faster, better, quicker?

Does anyone remember the post I wrote a little while ago about Network Controlled Fast Dormancy? I titled it, ‘Nokia Siemens Networks makes your iPhone battery last longer‘.

Quite a lot of UK readers were rather keen to find out if their network supported the NSN technology which, if implemented fully, should (amongst other things) lead to a more efficient use of your device battery. (There’s a lot more detail in the comments of that post above from the NSN team).

I understand from some meetings I had yesterday that the two UK networks using Nokia Siemens Networks equipment are Three and o2.

I did wonder. It’s only anecdotal but from a network perspective my Three iPhone seems to function so much better compared to my Vodafone one.

Still, I’ll need to do some more digging to find out precisely what each network has got implemented.

By Ewan

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