The Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society

I kid ye not.

There is one.

Perhaps slightly tongue in cheek, I imagine. But there is a Society dedicated to appreciating Telegraph Poles. Or, at least, there’s a website for the Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society (“TPAS”).

And that, dear reader, was a fact I found out whilst recording this week’s episode of the 361 Podcast.

At the start of each episode the three of us each discuss something of note. I described the 271 gig of data I’ve stuck up on to Google Photos. Ben decried the poor state of the 4G speed in London. Then Rafe did a shout out for the National Trust before telling us about a competition he’s participating in to raise money for his local village hall. Something to do with spotting Telegraph poles. That got us on to the Society. I looked up the website during the recording and was incredulous.

I did have to wonder at the extensive frequently asked questions, along with the dedicated page to the founder, Sir Benjamin Spoon SEM.

Rafe is apparently a member.

So am I, now.

I’ve bought him the official Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society mug. I think it will contrast nicely with the super-geek black-t-shirt-and-Nikes style at digital powerhouse agency, DigitasLBi, where Rafe works.

Screenshot 2015-08-24 23.59.57

The rest of the episode was about mystery shopping for mobile phones. You can have a listen, including the whole TPAS jazz here:

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