Is there much demand for an embedded mobile breathalyser?

So, the calendar ticks over once again. It’s strange how it seems that, the older you get, the faster the years spin past – some people put this down the effects of age on the brain, or because, as an adult, you have more to distract you, but I think it’s just because the one […]

Ben Harvey’s running for the ferry

I’m writing this in the embarrassing little gap between Christmas and New Year. Somebody once described this week-long period as being ‘the armpit of the year”, but I, personally, prefer to call it the barse, because it’s like that embarrassing little gap between your balls and your arse, simply because it holds no useful or […]

Ben Harvey is cast away in the auld country

Aaaaaah…Christmas. Time of too much food, too much booze, and, if you’re as clueless as me when it comes to chemistry, too much throwing-up as you try to settle your poor, bloated tummy with ten rennies washed down with vinegar. Christmas revolves around three things, traditionally – gluttony, watching television and touching base with family. […]

Ben Harvey – Money, it’s a gas.

Somebody once said that there are three types of people in this world: those that can count, and those that can’t. I disagree – there are only two types of people; people that are good with money, and people like me, who are comically hopeless. It’s a disease I’ve had my whole life and it’s […]

The mobile tail wagging the mobile dog

This week — or last week, to be exactly accurate — Ben is not entirely impressed with QR codes and constant change in the mobile industry. Over to Ben… – – – – The thing about things is, they change. Although this is not the first time I’ve started an article with a statement that […]

Ben Harvey – My Heart Bleeds

So mobiles have finally killed someone About bloody time, I say.. I mean, god almighty – for ten, maybe fifteen years now we’ve all been shrugging off the spectre of mast-radiation, of brain-tumours in the same way that a duck shrugs off rain; it’s dull and it’s boring and, yet, it doesn’t do you the […]

Ben Harvey – Every Cloud has a silver lining

Well, those ghastly little shoplifters, the Croatians, have done us in quite soundly. Having beaten us by one little goal they’ve deprived England of a place in Euro2008, effectively cancelling the bi-yearly festival of football & alcohol-abuse that graces this green & pleasant land. We’ll have to wait for the World Cup in 2010 until […]

Ben Harvey Misses The Mark

They say that the secret to great wealth is to sell cheaply to many. However, like a lot of things ‘they” say, this is total bollocks. It is rather better, after all, if you’re a salesman, to sell one Rolls Royce a month as opposed to one South-Bank hot-dog an hour. A word on those […]

Ben Harvey: A sticky end

There is a growing fashion, in the world of online publishing (the self-same world, my dear, sweet, reader, into which you are currently dabbling your delicious little toes) to consider the news itself as being something newsworthy. This is currently affecting out worlds by stories about stories – ‘iPhone coverage reaches frenzy” being one example […]


Phoneboxes, Holly Valance & 0800-REVERSE

This week’s column from Ben Harvey (look away if you react negatively to the word whorebox) makes a call from a telephone box whilst lost at midnight in deepest Hampshire. And thus, we begin. The Horror Time, or, rather, the way we feel it pass, is a funny thing. Once something is more than a […]


Ben Harvey phonejacked by naked mugger

Friday, 3pm, it’s time for Ben Harvey’s weekly column. This week’s subject: Losing it – – – Oh, god, there should be a word for it. You know that feeling, when you’ve been in an argument with someone, and you’re thinking back about what you said, and the perfect point, the perfect reply, the perfect […]


It’s a Blyk day for the industry

Sit back in your office (or arm) chairs and take a read of this week’s column by our Friday regular Ben Harvey. Ben attempts to explain why the room full of analysts, mobile industry executives and journalists at the Blyk launch this week weren’t quite all so sure about ‘free’ — especially when they weren’t […]