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Developing Mobile Apps in a Hostile World: Part 1

Good morning it’s Julian here once again, this time with part one of a two-part series on points to consider when developing enterprise applications. I know this will be a little obtuse to those who aren’t actively working in the sector so if you’ve any questions please do add them below and I’ll respond. Here […]

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Mobile Device Management: Is it the Answer … or is it the Question?

I was at a big AirWatch mobile device management (MDM) pan-European pow-wow last week. At it were CEOs, MDs and reps from Multinationals whose brand names are the stuff of the daily papers. In amongst them all were small firms, AirWatch’s channel partners and consultants like me who had some spare time on their hands. […]

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How to manage your BYOD project (by someone who’s done it and survived to tell the tale)

Hello it’s Ewan here. I’m delighted to present a series of posts by one of the Square Mile’s most accomplished mobile architecture hotshots, Julian Cooling. Julian has been a regular comment contributor over the years here at Mobile Industry Review and I finally met the chap in person at one of our 361 Degrees Live […]